Our special blend offers more than your standard chicken bedding. The first of its kind on the market, Koop Clean™ provides your flock with a superior odor neutralizing bedding that will leave your flock happy and healthy, while keeping your coop fresh, dry and insulated. Here's how.

Koop Clean and Sweet PDZ come together in a brilliant combination to help reduce moisture in your coop. Koop Clean’s dehydrated and chopped nature make the base of this bedding more absorbent than traditional straw or shavings. Sweet PDZ is a highly absorbent zeolite that can absorb 60% of its weight in moisture.

While we all love our chickens, we don’t always love the smell that comes with them. Unfortunately, that bad smell is more than just unpleasant, it can be harmful to our fowl friends. Sweet PDZ captures, neutralizes and eliminates harmful ammonia and odors. It does this with its natural chemistry. This makes your coop a more enjoyable place to visit.

Whether you have hardy winter breeds or more delicate birds, it’s important to keep those hen houses warm and well insulated. Straw acts as a great insulator helping to keep their body heat in and the cold weather out.

When most people think of using hay or straw in their coop, they think of long fiber strands that create a mat difficult to put down and to clean up. Koop Clean’s hay and straw base is chopped making putting down and cleaning up a breeze. The chopped nature mixed with the power of Sweet PDZ, which makes your chickens’ “deposits” less messy, leaves a nice layer of bedding that chickens can till through, helping to rotate the bedding in between cleanings. Having the bedding cut short also adds to its absorbancy and makes it decompose faster in your compost bin or garden.

All of this bedding and waste have to go somewhere at the end of the day. Because Koop Clean is made up of all natural ingredients, contains no chemicals or dyes, and is highly decomposable, you can feel good about mixing this nutrient rich “waste” to your compost bin and garden. The hay and straw breakdown quickly so there isn’t the loss of nitrogen in the soil as with shavings. Sweet PDZ acts like a fertilizer and is great for the soil. Here’s why: Ammonia gas molecules stick to the surface of the Sweet PDZ granule. When the Sweet PDZ granules dry out, the ammonia odor molecule is driven off the surface of the mineral as nitrogen making it a slow release fertilizer or enhancement to the compost.